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Strategic Tax Planning & Advisory
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Strategic Tax Management

The process of looking at a person's life, business, and regulatory requirements to legally reduce taxes as much as possible. Keep more cash and grow your life, business, and dreams.

(and year-round management)

Regular Tax Preparation

The process of reviewing the years financial results and preparing tax returns to satisfy IRS requirements. Strictly compliance based.


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Top two features of partnering with the pros at GreenPath

#1 - Reclaim time and money

Our services represent real money BACK TO YOU. The savings we create together results in real extra cash you keep in your possession.

Use the significant savings to invest in yourself or your family, your new startup, bless others, multiply/grow your business, or whatever you want! Isn't that better than pointlessly giving extra to the IRS?!

#2 - Expert partners at your disposal

The partners at GreenPath are truly that - your partners. They have the same incentives as you and delight in getting to know you and developing deep relationships. We'll solve your problems together and make your life easier.

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